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Prices for online classes

The price for our online classes is € 15 per hour and you can study for a minimum of 2 hours per lesson. The cost is similar to the amount you would pay for a group lesson in a language school. However your progress within a group depends largely upon that of the other group members. Learning online enables you to study at your own pace, at your own level and when it suits you with the added benefit of not having to travel to classes. We recommend a minimum of 4 hours study per week. If you decide to take an intensive course consisting of at least 10 hours a week you will receive a special discount. For more information please check the schedule below

Hours class per week Discount* Price incl. discount
2 - 10 hours - € 15
10 hours 10% € 13.50
15 hours 15% € 12.75
20 hours or more 20% € 12
Prices include 21% VAT

The prices mentioned in the schedule are for private lessons, however it is also possible for two people to study jointly providing they are both of a similar proficiency level. The price for two people studying jointly is 1.5 times the price of an individual lesson. Thus, if you study for less than 10 hours per week the price will be 1.5 x € 15, i.e. € 22.50 per hour for 2 persons.

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Book 10 lessons (2 hours per lesson) and receive a 10% discount.

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Book online Spanish lessons

To book your online lessons please fill out the registration form. Please indicate your preferences in terms of the schedule.


Once the hours, schedule and costs have been agreed you will receive an invoice by email. The following payment options are available: